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  • Most Enigmatic Title and Other Stories: Short story collection (2012). Available soon on Amazon.
  • Genre Guru presents 15 Genres: The absolutely useful guide to improvising 15 common movie genres (2010), Genre Guru. Coming soon.
  • The Big Yin Yang (2002), Lulu. Comic novel following Francis Bent to Singapore and his dealings with numbered mobsters and deadly prostitutes.
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Writer Biography

Peter is a versatile writer with a passion for comic stories. He has had jokes and sketches performed on Dutch TV (Comedy Central News) and BBC National Radio (NewsJack, Weekending and News Huddlines), on stage in London, Edinburgh and Amsterdam, as well as filmed. He has contributed stories, spoof news items, comic lists and reviews to Mustard Magazine, (syndicated reviews), Utter Newsense, The Brains Trust and ABCtales. As well as his numerous blogs.

His first novel The Big Yin Yang is published by Lulu and he is currently completing a guide to improvising common movie genres. He was involved with Situations Vacant writing new sitcoms which were well-received by industry insiders at Sitcom Trials. On top of this he has produced publicity material (web sites, newsletters, etc) for several organisations as well as technical documentation. Written stand-up, spoken word and poetry performed by himself and others.

"I would like to thank Peter More for being hilarious."
-- Joanna Ut-Seong Sio, "Modification and Reference in the Chinese Nominal"

Born in Kent in the UK, he has lived the last 10 years in Amsterdam. Naturally humorous, everyone smiles when he speaks Dutch. Once upon a time he had conversations about football in Mandarin but these days he can barely tell the difference between his mother and a horse. He has been on Dutch TV and Slovenian radio. He performs improvised comedy, acts, does stand-up, teaches, voices over and gets obsessed with bands. Number of celebrities he has nearly thwacked or walked right through currently stands at 4.


Peter enjoys most forms of putting pen to paper and finger to plastic square, but especially loves gags, sketches, humorous essays and travelogues. He has a mad scientist approach to words, believing they can be, under the right conditions, mixed, compounded, extracted and cloned. New words can be created from bits of old ones. They can even be brought back from the dead.

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