Improv performer

Peter has been performing for something like 20 years. He is an experienced, energetic, highly supportive player. A frequent guest with many other groups, he enjoys everything from the silly to the serious. He is especially knowledgeable of improvising in film and theatre styles.

Currently performing with…

  • Unplanned Parenthood: Mørdsäga – Scandanavian crime drama / comedy duo (with Emma Wessleus).
  • Sprout – fully improvised fun (shortform, longform, musical) in the West End (and other parts) of London.
  • easylaughs – Amsterdam’s best improv group. Founding member. 12 years and still going strong.
  • Take One – solo show where he improvises a movie in the style picked by the audience.
  • Mischler and More – duo (with Nicole Mischler and occasional guests) who perform in a number of different styles, including Film Noir, James Bond, Shakespeare, Science Fiction, Cohen Brothers.
  • Dizzy – duo (with Jochem Meijer) creating huge, outrageous and silly adventure stories.

"Highly talented. A true master of the craft. I recommend him whole-heartedly as a performer and a teacher." - Sarah G
"Some improvisers make you feel comfortable on stage ... Pete seduces you, takes you back to his place, and then shags you ... on stage." - Dave B


Peter has performed at the following festivals…

  • IMPRO Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Chicago Improv Festival, Chicago, USA
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, UK
  • Mount Olymprov, Athens, Greece
  • SWIMP, Uppsala, Sweden
  • FIIF, Tampere, Finland
  • TILT, Talinn, Estonia
  • Slapdash, London, UK
  • Turku, Finland
  • Munich, Germany
  • Brighton Fringe Festival, UK
  • Brighton Horror Festival, UK
  • The Word, London, UK
  • (more to come)