Stand-up Teacher

Peter has been teaching stand-up for 10 years in Amsterdam, London and online. He teaches courses and workshops with The Funny Side and easylaughs.

His approach for beginners is to create a safe place to explore and build confidence in order to get people ready to take to the stage with a strong 5-minute set. The beginners’ course covers finding inspiration, writing, performance skills, and developing your own style. The intermediate course takes these skills further by working on improving you as a writer and performer.

As a performer, he founded two clubs in Amsterdam, and has performed in multiple countries. At least 4 former students have had shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and 2 are running clubs in Amsterdam.

"I liked the way that the course started us on building our content from day 1." - Claire
"Favourite part, meeting other students, and being introduced to the technical parts of writing and performing." - Duncan