Genre Club

The first rule of Genre Club is you tell everybody!”

Genre Club is a regular online workshop dealing with improvising in TV, film and theatre styles. Each workshop is independent of the others and focussed on a specific genre. Presented in collaboration with easylaughs.

We’ll look at…

  • Ways of performing: acting style, staging, character choices.
  • Content: typical story arcs, common types of scene
  • Background: a little about the genre, time period, etc, to understand why it is what it is and to know what would fit in and what would not feel like part of the genre or be anachronous (from the wrong period).
  • Movies, shows and plays you should watch to understand this genre better.

The workshop will be both theoretical (with analysis and discussion) and practical, with a chance to try scenes in the style with coaching from an expert.

Check my teaching schedule or the easylaughs schedule for upcoming workshops.

Some resources from previous classes: Improv Resources.