Solo Impro Shows

Take One

Take One is a solo show inspired by Peter’s passion for movie genres. The audience selects a genre (or two) they would like to see and over 45 minutes, Peter will improvise a whole story in that style providing all of the characters, special effects and the director’s touches.

Take One
Take One


For short slots, or as part of another show, Peter will get from the audience a classic movie scene and also a style completely different from the original version of that scene to reimagine it in. Examples so far have included…

  • The restaurant scene from When Harry met Sally as if from an Irish Gangster movie.
  • The “I’ll be back” scene from Terminator as a Teen comedy.

The Library

Audiences are encouraged to bring their favourite or current books or just odd books they happen to have lying around. A random passage from this book is used to inspire scenes and monologues until it’s time for the next book.