Peter teaches workshops regularly with Sprout in London and easylaughs in Amsterdam. He has taught at festivals all over Europe.

For information on workshops for your business to improve teamwork, communications or presentation skills, contact Peter’s personal coordination executive.

Here is a list of Peter’s most-taught workshops.

Genres – Film and theatre styles for improvisers

  • Just Like the Movies (improvising in movie genres)
  • Difficult Genres (exploring genres the class finds hard to do)
  • Workshops on specific genres:
    • Film Noir
    • Horror
    • Science Fiction
    • Romantic Comedy
    • (See also Genre Club)
  • Dark Improv (performing dark themes and genres)
  • Ye Olde Theatre (older theatre styles, with Emma Wessleus)

Storytelling and longform – including formats

Take One
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Discovering Archetypes
  • Longform
  • Narrative Longform
  • Story Without Plotting
  • Specific formats:
    • The Quest (Peter’s format that follows a hero on a mini quest.)
    • Rockumentary (Peter’s format that follows the history of a band.)
    • Harold (the classic, flexible improv format)


  • Going Solo (performing alone in scenes and shows)
  • Improvise Like a Toddler! (What can we learn about improvising from children’s commitment, innocence and joy)
  • Shut Up and Do It!
  • Cutaways, Inserts and Walk-ons
  • Doors and Other Entrances
  • Finding the Game
  • Monologues
  • Be the Player Everyone Wants to Play With
  • Shortform Excellence

Non-improv or applied-improv workshops

  • A Crash Course in Stand-up Comedy
  • Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork and Communication