Peter More

Improvised Comedy


Peter started performing in England with London TheatreSports in 1995. He was very active in the London scene up until he left the city in 2000. Arriving in The Netherlands in early 2001, he soon hooked up with a group of people who became Problem Solved and eventually easylaughs. He is a very active member of the Amsterdam improv scene and has developed several formats including Rockumentary..


Current Groups

"Highly talented. A true master of the craft. I recommend him whole-heartedly as a performer and a teacher."
-- Sarah Grimmer
  • Take One (2013-) Solo show taking a film genre from the audience and creating a movie live on stage.
  • Loco Toko Picture Show (2014-) International comedians will rip apart one of your favorite movies with a unique combination of stand-up, improv, sketches and audience interaction that makes each show an unforgettable happening. .
  • easylaughs (2005-) Peter performs frequently with easylaughs at the Crea theatre in central Amsterdam. A mixture of short- and long-form in a variety of formats. Also corporate shows and trainings.
  • Mischler and More (2012-). Fully-improvised 2-person genre-based stories in Shakespeare, Film Noir and more.
  • Dizzy and the Pit Kittens (2012). Truthful, absurdist, funny and intriguing stories. With Jochem Meijer, Miriam Brouwer and Laura Doorneweerd.
  • Dizzy / Meijer and More (2007-). Two-man improv group playing their own exciting long-short-form show, Dizzy. Also corporate shows and trainings.
Peter and Jochem El Moustachios CSI: Amsterdam Blind Date

Previous Groups

"Some improvisers make you feel comfortable on stage ... Pete seduces you, takes you back to his place, and then shags you ... on stage."
-- Dave Bourne
  • Six Degrees (2012-). Brand-new narrative longform group.
  • The Ad Libertines (2010-). Peter's own project is a longform group of improvisers keen to tell stories and bring more truth to comedy.
  • El Moustachios (2005-) The Netherlands premier pseudo-Spanish Improv group. Two time winners of Boom Chicago Improv Battle (2005), winners of 2 Green Improv Battles (2009), guest group at the 11th and 14th International Improvisation Theatre Festivals in Amsterdam (January 2006 and 2008), and are the All improv Champions 2009. Developed their own long-form, Paso Doble.
  • Problem Solved (2001-2006). Bi-Monthly performances at Theater de Cameleon and Crea Muziekzaal in Amsterdam, as well as other performances including at the prestigious Open Bak at De Engelenbak. Shows in English and occasionally Dutch.
  • Blind Date (2002-2004). International cast who perform long-form improvisations with multimedia at Theater Bitterzoet (Formerly Theater Pompoen), Amsterdam. Part of the entertainment at Xaviera Hollander 2002 Christmas shows. As well as run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003.
  • London TheatreSports (1995-2000). Regular performer in weekly Scriptease show, often as MC. Publicity Officer: 1998-2000; Committee Chairman: 1998-99; Artistic Director: 1999-2000. London TheatreSports’ speciality was 45-minute narratives. For LTS, Peter organised and performed in shows at the Brighton Fringe and London's The Word festivals.
  • Several other groups with names like Naked Impro, Death By Improv, Improzacs and Scarlet Pimpernels.

As Guest Performer

  • The Big Mo, Rotterdam.
  • Boom Chicago, Amsterdam.
  • Improv Club presented by House of Mangoes (2004-5), Groningen.
  • Off Your Head (2003), The Comedy Café, Amsterdam.
  • Sprout (1998-2000), guest performer at regular and corporate shows, London.

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