Peter More

Training and Coaching


Peter teaches workshops and courses in improvised comedy for all performance levels. He has been involved with improv for 20 years and has taught in several countries. Currently he teaches regularly with easylaughs and TVA (Theatersport Vereniging Amsterdam) in Amsterdam. He believes that doing is the best way to learn and especially likes to teach longform and storytelling, TV / movie genres, object work, characterisation and acting without words. He also teaches Stand-up comedy. A list of workshops is available on request.

"Patient and astute"
-- Maria


Peter has been in Amsterdam since 2001 and has coached many Dutch and English-speaking groups in this time (both full-time and as a guest), some of which are listed below. His Dutch is pretty good.

"I really love your reflective feedback and approach - it is wonderful. I see everyone getting better and better all the time, so thanks for inspiring us all!"
-- Mazzy


Peter produces Genre Guides instructing on how to improvise in TV and movie styles for Genre Guru. (Book version coming soon.)

Genre Guru
He also writes a well-regarded blog on all things improvisation: More about Improv.  

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