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The following have been released into the wild. Watch out for others in reputable publications.



More About Life - A sideways look at life with the occasional spit. A Blog. Also includes travel writing, a history of which also appears in the Travelogues section.
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Satirical News

Read Utter Newsense or watch Comedy Central News (CCN) on Comedy Central, both of which Peter writes for.
improv blog.

Improv Blog

Blog about the performing, teaching and application of improvised comedy.
knowledge gap.

More's Uncyclopaedia

The world's misleading database of facts, figures, lists, and general trivia. It's a miseducation!


Reviews can be found in the review blog, More About Things, as well as and also in the older Reviews section.
Some bugger stole it


Spoofs, Satires and other funny tales.
Some bugger  stole it


Articles about This, That and The Other. Although not so much about The Other.
Some bugger stole it


For sample Film and TV Scripts, see the main-site writing page.
Gone but not forgotten


Obitchuaries for the ficticious dead.

Writing Credits and History.