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"Useless Facts and Downright Lies."

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Language, Anthropology and Geography Section.
This section won the 2005 Award for Servises to the Inglish and Uther Internashional Langwidges from the University of Relative Ease, Swansea.

Some bugger stole it

Music Facts. Turn on, tune in and drop a saucer.
This section won the 2004 Popularmuzikdienstenpreis from the David Dusseldorf Institute in Hasselhoff, Germany.

Some bugger stole it

Up the Arts! The informative world of Film, TV, Radio and Theatre.
This section won the 2004 Pamela Anderson Social Relevance Award from the University of California Like Totally at Beverly Hills.

Gone but not forgotten

Obitchuaries for the rich, famous and dead.
This section won the 2006 Prize for Services to Morbididity from

The wild and wacky world of computers.
(Stuff to satisfy your inner and outer spod.)
This section won some prize from some web site some time ago. Check or something like that.

Art thieves!

Gallery: The More Collection.
A collection of the pictures from around the world.
This section has won no awards so far. Please help rectify this.


"It's Incredible" Jesus McBeaver, Daily Independent Times.

"It's an Uncyclopaedia" Jesus McObvious, Weekly Express Moon Sun-Dance Kid's Section.

"How long can this depraved pornography be allowed to be accessed by our children and vulnerable old people?" Daily Mail.

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Cannabis College, Amsterdam.

The former Iraqi Ministry of Information Education Centre (now the US 13th Lost Infantry Division Headquarters: Carpark)

The George W. Bush Military Record Repository, Texas. (Exact address: censored)

Dollywood, Tennassee.

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