Peter More

Teambuilding and Corporate Events

How Improv Can Help My Company

Improvised comedy sets up an environment where people are creative and are able to share that creativity. Improvised comedy uses simple techniques of agreement and building that show the power of working together. It builts trust within a team and confidence within individuals. It improves communication and helps people understand why agreement is so important when working together. All this whilst having fun.


Need to put the team back into your team? Need to motivate or regroup your workforce? Want to open the lines of communication within and between departments? Need to make your staff think in new creative ways? Improv can do this and Peter can organise and lead workshops that release the inner team and let forth the creative juices from your staff.

Corporate and Team Events

A workshop on improvisational comedy or an improvised comedy show tailored to your company can be just the thing for your company's event. Shows and workshops can be tailored to the specifics of the event.

Role-Playing and Corporate Training

Peter can help facilitate staff training by playing the roles of various customers with different needs and issues to give your staff as realistic a scenario as possible. Peter also gives specific workshops on Public and Creative Speaking.

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