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Din Media easylaughs show (January 2009)

"Very close connection with audience."
Nice pictures and very short review. (Amsterdam Uitburo - AUB) easylaughs show (January 2009) "Every actor played their part well and was very funny" Video and short review. easylaughs (January 2009) Video and article on
DJ Dash (Club Rascal) easylaughs Regular Show, Friday February 23rd 2007 "Another great show last night! You had me in tears at one point, very funny guys"
Het Parool (Amsterdam newspaper) easylaughs special show at Het Parool Theater 23/11/06 "funny from the moment it starts" ... "never ceases to entertain"
In Dutch on Het Parool website or English translation on the easylaughs site

Joanna Ut-Seong Sio in "Modification and Reference in the Chinese Nominal" (LOT, 2006) Me "I would like to thank Peter More for being hilarious"
Improphecy Website easylaughs Regular Show, Friday May 6th 2005 "...the scene played by Martijn and Peter was the best of the evening."

Chortle Blind Date, Edinburgh 2003 "The cast work well together and are clearly accomplished in their field." Blind Date, Edinburgh 2003 "the versatility is frightening at times"

3 Weeks (Edinburgh Festival Newspaper) Blind Date, Edinburgh 2003 "like an old man from Orkney - slow and difficult to understand."

Fest (Edinburgh Festival Newspaper) Blind Date, Edinburgh 2003 "hard to resist"

Dave Bourne from Sprout My Performances with Sprout, UK "Some improvisers make you feel comfortable on stage ... Pete seduces you, takes you back to his place, and then shags you ... on stage."