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The Guestbook was added many moons ago and apart from the few genuine helloes sent to me (see below), I got nothing but spam. So, I have decided to close the guestbook. Spammers I hop u ar ashaymed of yorselvs.

Name: Mrs More
Date: Wed Jan 11 8:33:06 2006
How did you get here? You told me to write here, Pete.

Pete, I've done your washing. Should I post it from the UK to Amsterdam or bring it on the train?

Name: kiki
Date: Mon Sep 26 7:51:10 2005
How did you get here? i was lead astray.

i'm not sure about your guests, Pete. like the animations though.

Name: Peter K. More
Date: Fri Jan 28 14:27:24 2005
How did you get here? google search

Hi Peter, this is Peter K. More in Los Angeles. Best wishes on your theater work.


Name: An old friend
Date: Tue Jan 18 6:14:46 2005
How did you get here? Googled you

Very impressive! You have been keeping busy.

Name: Monsieur Kelly de Henri
Date: Fri Dec 31 14:24:43 2004
How did you get here? third left after the cabbages




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