Video: Animations


Early Animations

Title Description Completed
Terrible Crime My first Animation. Poor graphics but great voices. September 2005
Boy In The Woods Age Old Tale: Boy goes into woods, finds cottage... September 2005
Jesus Flies Jesus does his usual things, baby. Stars Jochem Meyer as Jesus. September 2005
The Edible Hulk Everyday superhero tale. September 2005
Bikkel Rocks Bikkel the puppy gets down to the Propellerheads September 2005
Danger Duck Danger Duck... goes wherever the danger is. October 2005
Star Wars The original opening credits to the original movie. December 2005
Epic Movie Epic Movie. December 2005
Worms Story of Man. This is now taught in several Alabama schools. January-May 2006

All animations and voices by Peter More (c) 2005-10. Some images the same. Peter is available for Voice Work: contact him. Epidog productions.

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